Space is very wide and interesting. very many stars are shining, but silently. I like space. A long time ago, humans visited moon. It was very amazing news. I am going to go to moon. I will to find very big diamonds there. Maybe there are very many diamonds or jewels in the moon. Future of space is very interesting, but I will stay here. I’m still live in korea, but I will have a lot of travel in the space.

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The tiger is eating meat very scared, and baby tigers play fighting with another baby tiger, but some baby tigers sleeping. The baby tiger is very cute. The tigers are scarely or cute, so I like tigers.

Next to the cage is living an elephants. Elephant is stumping watermelon, and other elephant is taking a shower with keeper. Elephant look like very happy.

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Last week i went the baseball ground with Jon, Jon’s friend, shane, Wonjun, J, and Yohan. I had very tired, and bored time in ground. I don’t like baseball, but I think I had very good time, because with good teacher, good teacher’s friend, and with good friends. good good goooooood!

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I Want Visit ~~~

The country I most want to visit first, is Egypt, because there is very hot weather, huge structure, sweet fruit, and I have to meet my friend Bular. He was my guide. I missing him

I would also really like to visit turkey, because I have a lot of turkey friend in MSN. I want see him, and he said to me Turkey ice cream is very delicious.

Finally, one day I would like to go to Brazil, because I want go Amazon. There are many animals and plants grow in Amazon. I like nature. I want to learn   native life style. Their life style is very interesting,and  very eco- friendly

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Last weekend, I expected free time to be peaceful, but it was not, because I have many report. that’s very terrible. I’m not sleep…, I’m unhappy…, but noproblem, because… i dont know.. ha…tired

Until yesterday, I expected my pop quiz to be high score, but maybe it was not, because i’m not studying, so quiz is very difficult. I’m  stupid.

Soon, we will go to a Nepabee restaurant for our class diner. I expected it to be delicious, because i’m very hungry. I’m always hungry,  so very expected it

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want sleep~

This weekend i am looking forward to sleeping, and studying, because I’m very tired, so I need to sleep, and I like dreaming. Dreaming is very fun, and free. I love free. and wake a sleep, and I’m studying. Report, report, and report. That’s to bad…, but the end homework I felt free~

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A Taste of True Blood

I went to my home town, but I didn’t meet my sisters.

SO~ I was very bored….ha..

So I watched TV drama all the time.

Are drama name is True Blood.

I like vampires because very strong, and sexy. It was very exciting~ cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,

and little raunchy? sexy?kkkkk *^.^* Awesome!

Anyway was a peaceful weekend~~~kk
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